What Type Of Fire-Pit Will Best Suit Your Lawn?

What Type Of Fire-Pit Will Best Suit Your Lawn?

Key Takeaways:

  • Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Propane, wood, natural gas, and gel fuel are all viable options for powering your fire pit.
  • Wood burning fire pits are the most popular type, but propane and natural gas models are gaining popularity.
  • They can be a great addition to any lawn, providing both function and aesthetic value.

Nothing beats spending a chilly evening with friends and family over a cozy fire pit. Whether roasting marshmallows or enjoying the company of friends and family, a fire pit makes for a perfect backyard gathering spot. There are several different types if you’re in the market for a new fire pit.

In this blog post, Denver Patio Masters will look at a variety of different types and discuss the pros and cons of each. Additionally, we’ll offer advice on picking the ideal fire pit for your lawn.

Type 01: Wood Burning Fire Pits

This delightful feature in your lawn or backyard resembles a bonfire. They keep the fire confined while providing warmth, the sound of crackling wood, and actual smoke. There are various types of wood-burning fire pits.

Type 01: Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood Burning Grill:

Thanks to the grill gate that can be put above the fire, this pit serves as both an aesthetic and sensual joy of a modern fireplace and functions as a grill and cooking equipment.

Wood burning fire pits have a lot to offer homeowners, but they may also require a lot of upkeep. For your campfire to operate, you not only need to buy or cut wood routinely, but you also need a place to keep it that is dry and protected. And keep in mind that insects will be drawn to your wood no matter where you decide to store it.

Brick or Stone:

With its straightforward design that includes materials like bricks, stones, or cinder blocks, this is a popular, timeless style that has been passed down through the ages. Cinder blocks, stones, or bricks can be purchased at practically any local hardware shop and used to construct brick or stone fire pits.

Outdoor Fire pit:

An outdoor fireplace will significantly improve your lawn, whether built-in or portable. The design typically resembles an indoor fireplace.

Type 02: Gel Fuel Fire Pits

The ideal option to spruce up the atmosphere and intrigue in your garden is with a gel-fueled fire pit. The gel burns cleanly and doesn’t emit any smoke or smell. They may be transplanted practically anywhere in your backyard and are adaptable. Here are a few different styles of fire pits that use gel fuel.

Gel Fueled Logs:

You can buy gel-fueled logs for any fire pit design. The gel fuel containers are fully hidden inside the logs, giving the fire a genuine look and feel.

Tabletop Fireplace:

Whether trying to add a little brightness or breathe new life into a plain garden, this fireplace is the ideal choice. It offers a captivating feature that finishes in gorgeous flames at the top, buried behind a table-like design.

Gel fuel fire pits are practical and lovely to sit around, like indoor gel fireplaces. They’re not for everyone, though, as they don’t produce nearly as much heat as the other kind of fire pits on the market, and the gel can occasionally be difficult to obtain at big-box retailers. Since gel fuel might be hard to locate in stores, many owners buy it exclusively online.

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Type 03: Propane Fire Pits

Homeowners have access to the utmost convenience with this feature. They provide a stunning, high-quality flame without needing wood or refilling gel. Most propane fire pits are huge and serve as the patio’s main focal point. They frequently have spectacular designs made of glass, rock stones, or artificial wood. These propane fire pits come in three variations:

Copper Bowl:

A propane copper design is one of the fanciest choices for a lawn. Copper is strong and will endure a very long period since metal has a very high melting point. When it comes to fire pits, they are one of the more costly alternatives.

Propane Portable:

A portable or mobile propane fire pit is one of the best purchases you can make. In addition to offering warmth, ambiance, and cooking capabilities, it is also easily mobile and can be placed anywhere on your lawn. Some designs feature wheels, while others are portable and light.

A propane fire pit has numerous advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. In addition to the cost of buying the propane, there is the constant worry that it may run out while you host guests. When choosing, remember that food cooked over gas typically lacks the depth of flavor that a meal prepared over wood provides.

Fire Pit Table:

Table-like propane fire pits frequently surround their flames with a rim, making them appear like tables. Children can use this wide ledge as a safe zone to avoid getting too near to the flames. While relaxing by the feature, you can use it to rest your drink on or your plate of food.

Type 04: Natural Gas Fire Pits

You might want to consider the feature if your lawn has the space to install a natural gas connection. A natural gas fire pit is a permanent fixture in your backyard, similar to propane designs. The fact that they never run out of fuel is one of their finest features. Here are a few possible designs for this particular fire pit.

Sunken Style:

This pit is a little underground version with flames hidden under the surface, as its name would imply.

Round or Square Design for The Tabletop:

This design offers a lovely alternative if you desire a raised version that raises the flames using brick, stone, or copper foundations.

Although running natural gas is not very expensive, installing the pipe in your backyard is another story. It could be expensive, depending on the locale. The fire pit cannot be moved since they are also permanent.


With so many options and designs to select from, there is undoubtedly a fire pit choice to match your lawn.

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