Want To Clean Your Patio Without Chemicals? Here’s How!

Want To Clean Your Patio Without Chemicals? Here’s How!

Many people avoid cleaning their home patios because it can be a difficult task. However, this is a very common mistake. Cleaning your home patio is crucial because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Besides, your home patio impacts your home’s aesthetic appearance, and if it’s in bad condition, it will damage your home’s value.

However, some people believe that the only way to clean their concrete patios in Denver is with strong chemicals, but that’s not true. In this blog post, we’ll share why you shouldn’t clean your home patio with chemicals, how you can clean it, and what tools you need to do this job successfully

Here’s How To Clean Your Patio Without Chemicals

Most people clean their patios with chemicals because they think it’s safer and more effective, but that’s a mistake. These powerful chemicals are very dangerous for your family and pets, and can lead to serious health issues.

The truth is that if you want your patio clean without using any chemical cleaners, it’s very easy to do so. All you need are the following materials:

  • A stiff-bristle outdoor broom
  • A soft scrub brush (or several depending on your patio size)
  • A water hose or a mop and bucket (you can use a power wash if you own one)
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • An empty spray bottle

Now that you’ve gathered all your tools, it’s time to decide which natural cleanser you’ll use. There are several options, such as:

  • Vinegar: To clean a concrete patio with vinegar, you’ll need to mix distilled vinegar and water in the spray bottle. If your patio has some dirt that’s difficult to come off, you can use straight vinegar. You’ll need to spray the vinegar bottle over the entire surface and wait about 20 minutes to scrub it with your broom. Then, you can clean it with a hose or mop it up with clean water.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is a better choice if you have a rough surface on your patio. You can mix baking soda with vinegar to create a paste that you’ll spread over stains. You’ll need to let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a brush or broom. Finish off by rinsing with water.
  • Bleach: You can use bleach if you have any mold or mildew. You’ll need to mix one cup of bleach in a gallon of water and scrub the solution in with a brush or broom. If you have stains, you can mix bleach with baking soda and spread it over for some minutes to scrub it. Finally, rinse it off with water. It’s important to know that this mixture can harm your plants, so be careful if you decide to use it.

Let Professionals Take Care Of Your Patio

You can clean your patio with a natural cleanser, but it’s always better to let professionals do it for you. At Denver Patio Masters, we are experts in home patios, helping you enhance your outdoor space with patio installation in Denver. So, if you need help taking care of your home patio, don’t hesitate to contact the best Denver patio installers!


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